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ENQUIRIES: 0117 930 4264

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Please do not hesitate to call us for group booking discounts, available on selected shows.

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Bierkeller Theatre can offer day or night hire - up to 7 days and 5 nights per week from £15 per hour.

Day Markets, Rehearsal Space, Classes, Fundraising, Film or Comedy. Edinburgh Fringe Rehearsal / Performances, Live Music Rehersals, End of Term Functions and Conferences.

The Rise and Fall of The Northern Star

Shakespeare Rattle & Roll

The Rite of Spring & Romeo And Juliet

Measure for Measure


Bristol University's Medical Revue

The Good, the Bad and the Different

Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter

The Last Unicorn

Instructions for a Better Life

The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

Where Are We Now?

"The Madness Game" &

"The Boar's Head"

War 100

A Brief History of Beer

Treasure Island


Join us on

All The Nice Girls

An Audience With Dave Alex Riddett

Educating Bristol

17th-19th January, £9/£7

For one more night only, after a sell out show in December 

Opera in a box presents La Boheme,

22nd January, 6pm (approximately 2h run time), £10(£8)

"Maybe it's just that beautiful things are more easily broken by the world."  (Cassandra Clare)

La bohème is the story of four young dreamers, as well as the women they love.

Sustained by their art, music and joie de vivre, the friends refuse to acknowledge the

precariousness of their existence and the harsh realities of city living that constantly

threaten to disrupt their equilibrium. But life will not be so easily thwarted, and as brutal city

life threatens to overwhelm the group, their lives will be changed forever...

LA BOHÈME Performed in English

Libretto by Luigi Illica & Giuseppe Giasoca, Translation by Thomas Martin & Ruth Martin

Set in a land ravaged by war, two sisters are torn apart. They strive to find power in a society dominated by men. In this patriarchal world asking questions is dangerous and turning a blind eye is routine. Can the truth be heard when free speech is lost and victims are shamed?


In this fierce and modern interpretation, Bristol Old Vic Young Company present Timberlake Wertenbaker’s The Love of the Nightingale, a play to challenge perceptions of consent, gender and sexuality.

Performed in a nightclub with a cocktail of original rave music, dance and a twist of humour, Bristol Old Vic Young Company tackle this ancient myth in their own unique, anarchic way.


CellarDoor Theatre presents their own adaptation of the classic tale. 'The Corpse Bride' follows the tragically affecting untrue story of Viktor Van Dort, who, by curious happenstance, finds himself accidentally married to a corpse and is consequently dragged off into the underworld. Being burdened with a quite literal prior engagement in the form of the very much alive Lady Victoria, Viktor struggles to find his way back to the Land of the Living, and to his beloved.  

You’ll have to glue yourself to your seat to stop yourself falling off the edge in excitement during this wonderful tale of love, loss, life and death.

WARNING: Contains violence, and scenes of a disturbing nature. 12+

CellarDoor Theatre presents The Corpse Bride

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8TH / 9TH / 10TH / 11TH / MAY 2017

£7 / £9


The thrilling classic gothic tale follows Victor Frankenstein, an ingenious scientist who creates life, the Creature. Frankenstein's bewildered Creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-stuck maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the friendless Creature, increasingly desperate and vengeful, determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal!






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